About me

   My dad, James Langford, was a ranger for the National Park Service. Naturally, I grew up with a love for the outdoors and my dad took me into the Sierra Nevada wilderness at a very young age. On one of these trips in 1971, he taught me the basics of using a 35mm SLR camera. I have been taking photos ever since.

   I enjoy the Sierra Nevada mountains and spend as much time as possible exploring the range. The desert area east of the Sierra Nevada and into the White Mountain range has drawn my interest also.

   Closer to home I have grown very fond of my favorite local area, Carrizo Plain National Monument. I enjoy the solitude of this area at all times of the year with my favorite time being the incredible wildflower "superbloom" in the spring of 2017.

   Since 2001, my website was www.sierramountainphotography.com . Due to recent changes in the server hosting that site, I was unable to continue adding images. So, this new site was born. Up until the end of September, 2018, all images were hosted on that site which is still viewable.